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LAVA Engineering Company (TM) (LEC) established in the year 2000 is recognized as a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter in the field of Designing and Engineering ISO tank containers, SWAP Tank Containers, Storage tanks for Oil / Diesel, Storage tanks for chemicals, Transportation tanks, Specialty tanks, Pressure vessels & Silo.

Owing to its rapid growth in the last decade, LEC continues to steadfast its effort and is today the only Indian designer and manufacturer of IMO type UN classified portable ISO tank containers with ASME standard now called

  • T1 ISO tank container (for wine and light liquids)
  • T4 ISO tank container (for Non Hazardous Edible / Non Edible Oils)
  • T11 ISO tank container (for Non hazardous chemicals)
  • T14 ISO tank container (For Hazardous Chemicals and Acids like HCL / Zinc Chloride)
  • T50 ISO tank container (for LPG / Amonia Gas)
  • SWAP Tank container ( for cargo above 26,000 Mts to 32,000 Mts)
  • Rubber lined ISO tank container ( for Acid based chemicals)

LEC aims to oversee the entire fabrication process with International inspection companies for its Tank Engineering division and provides certifications like CSC, IMDG, UIC, TIR, AAR for 20ft /40ft ISO tank container. LEC has been recognized Indian manufacturer and supplier of T4 ISO tank container, manufacturer and exporter of T11 ISO tank container, manufacturer and supplier of T14 ISO tank container, manufacturer and supplier of T50 ISO tank container, Road transport tank manufacturer and exporter, ISO tank container (PP lined) manufacturer and exporter, SWAP tank container manufacturer, Storage tank manufacturer, Stainless steel storage tank fabricator, Industrial storage tanks supplier & Chemical and acid tanks manufacturer.

LEC’s platform of business in the last 5 years was mainly positioned as leading Acid and HCL storage tank manufacturers and suppliers in India with Rubber lining / FRP lining / PP lining, HCL ISO tank container suppliers in Gulf countries and HCL road transport tanker manufacturers in Middle East countries. LEC’s has supplied many HCL tanks, Sulphuric Acid Tanks, Ferric chloride tanks to customers in MENA region to HCL manufacturers, HCL traders, and HCL dealers in the Middle East countries like United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The other target markets for HCL storage tank FRP lined was in Europe with customers from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and others.

LEC’s Chemical Engineering Division designs to Indian and International customer requirement and specifications of Vertical Silos, Cement Silos, Rice Silo, Grain Silo, Sand Silo, Lime Silo, Chemical Silo, Stainless Steel Silo. LEC also is a recognized ASME Pressure vessels manufacturer in India, IS Agitators supplier in India and other engineering products fabricators. The company undertakes jobs from initial design, led by our team of specialist designers, to fabrication, testing, finishing, painting, installation and customer training all carried out by our highly-qualified and expert team of engineers and technicians.

LEC industrial team provide process Engineering solutions and equipments in excellence, accurate cost estimates, fit-for-purpose engineering and consistency with hosting in-house facilities in a 20,000 Sq Mt and its proposed 3 Acre complex for ROBOTIC welding, TIG Welding, Carbon Steel Welding, Stainless Steel welding, Various Finishing & Fettling Equipment, Drilling, Notching, Rolling Capacity (4500mm), Spot Welding, Stud Welding and Plasma Cutting.

LEC also offers professional services to small and High end customers in 2D / 3D CAD Drawing, 2D /3D conversion, Photo to CAD drawing conversion, Product Design, Product Development, Tool Design, Reverse Engineering, Engineering Solution, Component Design, Industrial Design, Structural Design & CAD Modeling Optimization.

As part of LAVA ENGINEERIN COMPANY (TM) commitment to quality, we integrate quality principles in all aspects of our business procedures and have established monitoring and control processes. We encourage our businesses to adopt formal quality standards and achieve external accreditation.

LAVA Engineering Company (TM) business operate Quality Management Systems ("QMS") that conform to the principles of International and Indian standards of ASME, ASTM and IS. As part of a continuous improvement process an engineering excellence program has been established across the company.

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