Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel manufacturer | Lava Engineering

LAVA Engineering Company offers in-house Engineering, Design for Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers under ASME VIII design code to large and small Industrial enterprise, Industrial EPC projects in the Manufacturing & Service sectors for a wide range of clientele. Our welders are selected and tested to meet standards as per ASME IX and has remained dedicated to maintaining a high standard of professional performance and integrity in Engineering design & fabrication. Our pressure vessels are tested for (NDE) 100% Radiography, DP test, MPI, UT and Hydro / Pneumatic test. Nozzle orientation on the pressure vessels are tested for Load pressure and stress. We also provide Post weld heat treatment for Pressure vessels on specific vessels that demand application in high temperature atmospheres.

Our company believes strongly that the best solutions emanate from a combination of Engineering innovation, Comprehensive project management, Modern Technology, Cost effective Machinery, Automation and Monitoring systems.


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